White Lake Area Wildlife in the Winter

Jerry Grady headshot
Jerry Grady

One of the best sources of information about wildlife in the White Lake area is Jerry Grady. Jerry is a long-time conservation photographer.  His goal is to show residents and visitors the abundance and diversity of wildlife around the lake and its surrounding watershed and to encourage conservation of natural resources and habitat essential for local species.

Check out his WatershedWildlife.Com site and companion blog, with its Winter Photo Gallery, where the feature photo for this blog post was taken from.

What wildlife species have you seen this winter?  Just this afternoon I came across three separate groups of deer crossing streets in Montague!



5 Things You Might Not Know About the Ark

  1. It operated year-round, summer and winter.
  2. It was built and operated first by Earl Sherman, then purchased and run by the Benner family.
  3. Customers could get hamburgers and hot drinks, and fish through the ice for perch.
  4. The Benners also managed an ice shanty village set up around the Ark.
  5. The Ark was shut down in 1963 after it nearly washed into Lake Michigan during a big storm, and due to the crash of the perch fishery from the lamprey eel.

Read more here, where I wrote about it for the White Lake Beacon in the winter of 2013.

What do you know about the Ark?

Why White Lake?

I’ve decided to write a new blog. About White Lake.  I have lived next to the lake that defines our community in many ways for my entire life, and there are too many things I just don’t know about it, even though I was part of a local group that worked for decades to clean it up and protect it.  So my blog is titled, Everything White Lake.  It will be about anything associated with White Lake – how deep it is, when it was formed and how, what lives in and around it, the quality of the water, how people have used and use the lake, what grows in  it, how it was settled and why, what unique history is associated with it and  more.  I envision this as possibly a yearlong project and I welcome the thoughts and ideas of area residents.  What do you want to know about White Lake?

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