White Lake Area Wildlife in the Winter

Jerry Grady headshot
Jerry Grady

One of the best sources of information about wildlife in the White Lake area is Jerry Grady. Jerry is a long-time conservation photographer.  His goal is to show residents and visitors the abundance and diversity of wildlife around the lake and its surrounding watershed and to encourage conservation of natural resources and habitat essential for local species.

Check out his WatershedWildlife.Com site and companion blog, with its Winter Photo Gallery, where the feature photo for this blog post was taken from.

What wildlife species have you seen this winter?  Just this afternoon I came across three separate groups of deer crossing streets in Montague!



2 thoughts on “White Lake Area Wildlife in the Winter”

  1. This year we got a Common Redpoll at our bird feeder. And we have many more Pine Siskins that seem to have taken up residence for the winter in our area in addition to the regular nuthatches, chickadees, woodpeckers, jays, finches, and titmouses. And of course the mighty Montague deer herd! There have been as many as 21 in a group that regularly treks through our yard.


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