5 Things You Might Not Know About the Ark

  1. It operated year-round, summer and winter.
  2. It was built and operated first by Earl Sherman, then purchased and run by the Benner family.
  3. Customers could get hamburgers and hot drinks, and fish through the ice for perch.
  4. The Benners also managed an ice shanty village set up around the Ark.
  5. The Ark was shut down in 1963 after it nearly washed into Lake Michigan during a big storm, and due to the crash of the perch fishery from the lamprey eel.

Read more here, where I wrote about it for the White Lake Beacon in the winter of 2013.

What do you know about the Ark?


6 thoughts on “5 Things You Might Not Know About the Ark”

  1. Great idea, Tom! My goal with the Everything White Lake blog is to catalogue and inventory all available information about White Lake in one place. Maybe that will become a book one day!


  2. I remember the Ark well. We used to skate from Bathing Beach to the Ark for Hot Chocolate. Boy, were we tired when we got back!!


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